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Sunday, January 14, 2018

When You Forget to Renew Your Domain

A few months ago my entire blog blew up. I only had a partial backup so I lost a whole bunch of posts. But I was making do. A week ago - I forgot to renew my domain. HA! Guess what happened - everything was gone -again!
Renewing the domain is not that expensive depending on who the ownership reverts back to.  For $12.00 I could have avoided so much pain and suffering.

Because even those extra grace days passed I would have had to pay for the domain renewal and a whopping restoration fee. So, I changed the name of this blog to - paid the $12.00 fee and set it to auto-renew.

Now I did have a back-up - but since it's a new domain the only had the template and some gadgets all every last post was gone.

So... here I am trying to get everything back. I lost a lot of posts, links, ads, pictures.

Just a reminder make sure you auto-renew with your host.


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