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Monday, April 6, 2015

And When the Snow Starts Melting - Flooding

Over one foot of snow from a N'oreaster (Niko) and 2 more storms on the way this weekend and I'm looking ahead - to the next phase - the BIG picture.

Did you know many parts of the Merrimack Valley (Massachusetts) are in a Flood Zone?

Did you know flood insurance is more expensive than homeowners insurance? Making it cost prohibitive for most.

Did you know that you can only buy flood insurance from the Federal Government? That's right (FEMA) pays those claims.

I live in a "X flood zone" which is a Hazard Zone. I'm not required to buy flood insurance. Nevertheless, I decided to look into it anyway. Because I know no one is going to help me out. 

I was told I must buy flood insurance that is 20% over the valuation of my property - or any claim file with not be accepted.
Less than 60% of the contents will be insured and at 80% replacement cost.
Payment is due in full - when you fill out the application.
But... there is a 30 day wait period before you are insured,

Maybe I should sit back and do nothing and then when a disaster happens - wait for the federal government to bail me out.

It's not just about the Merrimack, Spicket and Shawsheen Rivers overflowing their banks I'm concerned about - it's when the snow melting begins. Melting is a problem for everyone.
And I've been through that once already - there was no one rushing to help us bail out when our basement flooded. NO ONE!
Many where I lived were help but no us. Nope! The fire department was right there pumping out basements - but zero help in my area.

There has to be a better way for property owners to protect their homes - don't you think?

I'm still researching.

Renters - y'all might want to look into protecting your "stuff."

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