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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Loosing sight of the important things in Life

It's all too easy to lose sight of the importance of your loved ones in your life when you become too worried about things like jobs, and money, safety and all of that.  

For several years I've had an obsession about how I felt the city I live in should be run. Mostly regarding the public safety issues. I want to feel safe in my own home, yard or walking in a park. While not an unreasonable thing to want - I realize that changes are slow to happen and the safety issues are not going to change here. And my safety nor my families safety is not paramount to anyone but me. 

Blogging about the city I live in is toxic, when I see, hear or read about an injustice I get really upset and fire back. I do get angry. I have a low threshold for... well bullshit. I'm not a patient person - when it comes to people not doing their job or looking for accolades at the expense of others. The grandstanding by politicians, while it goes on in every city, is over the top. And it all comes down to - no they really don't care about the individual.  

A few weeks ago I got into a car accident and it brought back to me a something my mother always said to me before she passed away. "Never hold your standards up to anyone else, they will always let you down."  I was so worried about her I lost sight of everything else. It was anger. I'll be honest that accident shook me up a bit. While I was home I thought about all the things I didn't finish. Did I call my sister, did I call my son or did I wait for them to call me or did I just text them? I have a son in the military - any day he could get deployed overseas, that is a constant worry. It's always on my mind. Those that don't have a family member in the military, can't understand that kind of daily stress. They don't understand that '"boots on the ground" mean my son's boots. 
I also realized I have a lot of important things going on in my life that need my attention. This city is going to make it or not - with or without my blogging. My choice is to leave the needy and toxic people in this city behind and move on. You won't be reading about Lawrence anymore - not from me - not the good, the bad or the ugly. It's just a place I happen to live. 
With that said, my priorities are back on track. 

My real passion (aside from my husband) is making and designing jewelry and the only thing that comes close is DIY projects. I love working old furniture and upscaling (any) vintage item into something beautiful and useful. 

I'm an experienced business owner (my husband and I)  ran a small computer shop for 15 years. We were and are a great team. Since I started selling my items online I have made some significant inroads. Although I've had zero community support, I have had lots and lots of support from customers, family, and friends and believe it or not - other communities. It's due to the lack of community support here (and no business can survive with support from the community) I'm looking to a more friendly community to open a shop. I need a shop for the bigger items and I need customers walking in the door - I won't find that here. That's just a fact and a business decision. We all have to make money why not make money doing something I love.  I am great with customers  (blog bashing aside), I must be since I still have many customers even today that won't go anywhere else. I've completed dozen and dozens of projects - sold hundreds of items online and more by word of mouth.  I need to grow, I need to be able to let the creative side out and quite honestly, I'm also bored writing about my hometown - it's always the same. 

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