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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Turn Lamps into Jewelry Stands

Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent is what I do!

This is my first lamp to jewelry stand project. The base of the lamp was pretty dirty and only had the light socket attached that had frayed wiring. But, I'll tell you the price was right at a local thrift shop so I purchased it, thinking I would clean it up and rewire. It sat for several months before I began to take it apart.  Once apart I was looking at my lamp parts and thought I'd try something different. I just started to stack - and this is what I made. Since it's my first one - it's never getting sold.  It's mine.

This stand is made with lamp components from four different lamps. A 1920's cast iron base, a 1950's yellow glass sphere, a 1940's Gone with the wind brass hoop and a fleur-di-lis finial.

So, began my new adventure of lamps to jewelry stands.

Here are a few pictures of other I have created: Most I have sold but there maybe 1 or 2 still up for sale. 
 Most of the time I do not paint - I love the vintage look. I pained this one Navy Blue and also painted the hoop in chrome.
 Copper, brass and, cast.
 This was painted in Cameo Rose Chalk Paint - it was originally a very ugly old brown.
This is porcelain.

Just a simple black and silver with a little distressing.

 I loved this one - it sold fast!!!
 Marble and flowers.
 This was painted with a hammered black finish.

Another one I was tempted to keep.
 Another favorite - it's getting harder and harder to find cast.

And now as always, I am on the hunt for lamps that would otherwise end up in the land-fil. 

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