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Monday, January 15, 2018

Grab Your Shovel - It's Time To Reconnect

So, it’s time to embrace winter and the extra responsibility it brings! Shoveling your sidewalk - it's the law.  If you own property, it is YOUR responsibility to shovel those sidewalks in front of your home or business. And don’t forget to clear that fire hydrant that may be in front of your place. Yes, those are your responsibility too.

Check your state and city web page for exactly what you are responsible for - each municipality is different. 

I live in  Massachusetts and the fines can be pretty steep - and without warning - especially if you live in or around Boston. 

The way they handle things in Minneapolis, where folks who don’t shovel receive a warning first. If they haven’t cleaned up the mess after three days, a city crew comes and shovels it out and the property owner is billed for their time plus a fee, so the penalty is pegged to the size of the offense and the public hazard is promptly removed.

And don't be thinking you can get away with a one shovel pass - nope most cities require the entire width of your sidewalk be cleared or snow and ice. 


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