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Monday, January 29, 2018

Be Creative Don't Watch The News

For the past 48 hours, I kept the news off my TV.  I am amazed at my attitude, how much I got accomplished and how much energy I have. On occasion, during the day I would check twitter or facebook,  just to make sure I'm not missing play by play of Armageddon or a Russian invasion or whatever else the media has decided I should know about.

All you see and hear is a panel of people thinking they know everything while talking over each other to prove they are smarter than - well everyone else on the planet. While surfing the news channels I feel the life being sucked out of me. 
I immediately felt like someone stuck a pin in my optimistic mood.  Bickering politicians arguing about metaphoric cliffs, sordid details of kids being gunned down, and smarty-pants journalists deeply committed to forcing each and every issue under the left and right lens.


2018 is just days away and while I don't set myself up for failure by making new year resolutions I'll never keep I'm keeping the news off! I like what I've been doing the past 48 hours. I need to make me happy and the news is making me sick - literally. 

I'll get my news online - where I don't have to listen to those smarty-pants journalists. I can pick and choose what I want to read or watch online. Because I am darn sick and tired of hearing about Russia and I'm disgusted that the media feels they need to continually bash the American public (you and me) and work overtime with panels of elite smugness to destroy decency and integrity and pit us against each other. 
The media has a negative-filter lens and we a lead to see the world through them. And here's what we see: violence, chaos, fear, tragedy and some cute puppies. And if you see this over and over it becomes normal. It becomes your view of the world. 

Do you let your children watch the news? If your answer is no - perhaps you should opt-out as well. Someone, a friend, a co-worker a family member will most likely let you know if you should head to an underground bunker.   

There is goodness all around if you are looking for it.

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