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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Spend Well - The Budget Envelopes

Budgeting using the envelope system has been around for decades. Then Dave Ramsey came up with his system. I've tried several myself and then in 2019, I decided to really take it seriously. I was using my own kinda flimsy system. I wanted something simple and there are hundreds out there I knew I wouldn't stick with. There was always some annoyance (excuse) and I'd give up.

I stumbled on this Spend Well system.  Unlike the many other systems,  it's handmade and that's a plus for me. Extra stickers are provided so you can use it over and over, just slap a new sticker on a new goal or a new year or whatever...

 It's simple, you make the rules. That won me over.

I don't use these budget envelopes for everything this because I like the convenience online banking and bill paying. What I found was money I was putting aside in my bank account almost always got commingled with money for bills. I didn't want another bank account.

 Also, provided are a few extra goodies you can download.
So far so good for me!

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