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Friday, December 24, 2021

Wearing Silver Jewelry

Silver remains quite a popular choice among the masses as it is inexpensive when compared to other precious metals like gold and platinum. The metal is capable of adding dazzle and spark to any given outfit.
Silver is neutral and gels well with grays, whites, peaches, beiges, browns. reds, purples, violets, greens, blues, yellows, oranges and looks incredible with black. An outfit is incomplete without metal.
The look and feel of silver and white gold are different. White gold can be quite flashy and may not always fit with the look of every outfit. Silver comes to your rescue. 
Silver is elegant, sophisticated, chic, modern as well as classy. Many timeless or classic pieces will always be in style and can be worn with modern pieces for a new twist. A brooch or scarf pin with some studs or beautiful semi-precious stones etc is fun and eclectic.
Silver does lose its sheen over time. In contact with air and water, the metal reacts with sulfur to form a grayish layer on the surface. Tarnished silver ornaments give a feel of timeless antique pieces. But, the clean and shiny ones rock. So, take proper care of your silver while you wear it and store them properly.
Silver is softer and less dense than other gold. This makes it more prone to scratch and damage. If worn carelessly the ornament may also distort in shape and look ugly.


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