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Saturday, December 16, 2017

My Christmas Attic Creations

I was up in the attic a few days ago looking for my Christmas tablecloth - which of course I could not find. And why I have started cleaning the attic and throwing stuff out - 1 bag a week is all I can do. I found a bag old silk flowers and a grapevine swag. This stuff was from the 80's.
Of course, I didn't throw it out!!!

These flowers were all in great condition and so pretty.
I dug out my old vintage mason jars - real vintage that I had distressed and was intending to sell. I did a quick arrangement. And now I have a true vintage Christmas decoration.

And here's the 1980's grapevine swag - recycled.
Just a little hot glue and I love this!  Oh, and that nail holding this piece up is real cooper -also found in the attic.

And I'm still looking for that tablecloth.


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