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Monday, December 11, 2017

Gifts for Him - Candles

When it comes to creating cozy home environments I love candles and burn them often. This is a perfect gift for him!!

Handcrafted in Maine using the highest quality wax and the finest fragrance oils available. Their Candle Collections offer a range of fragrances and styles. Discover a complete selection of fragrances and styles to meet your home decorating and personal needs.

Leather Bound – is a rich warm and exotic scent. This fragrance will bring you to another place – soft leather, a grand library layered with opulence.
Fragrance notes of bamboo Leaf, oak, brushed suede, vanilla Bourbon
Pure, rich, Gray vibrantly colored food-grade paraffin wax fragranced by the world's finest scented oils
Village Candle pioneered dual wick technology provides greater, consistent fragrance release, longer burn time and even wax burn with less soot
Premium glass jar provides up to 105 hours of burn time
Every scented jar candle is designed, sourced, poured and tested at Village Candle to ensure the highest Quality (Made in Maine, USA)

Pumpkin Bread  – Do you love the smell of Pumpkin Bread baking in the oven? Then this one is for you! It is a made-from-scratch pumpkin bread with fresh ginger and spices that will fill your home with a luscious scent without using your oven!

Spiced Noir - In this delicious fragrance, Autumn spices compliment cedar and blend into this one of a kind scent explosion.

Check them out Village Candles you won't be sorry. I know my husband loves Leather Bound. 

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