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Friday, December 15, 2017

Hollow Core Door Makeover

Yup, I have those cheap ugly flat panel hollow doors. And the worst part is the shellac/varnish. We sanded and sanded and then we painted.
And they look good, but kinda' boring and they still look like hollow core doors.
So I headed to the internet - and google how to improve this look. Because I just knew someone hated hollow core door as much as I do.
Here's a small selection of what I found.

Credit Pretty Handy Girl
I like the beadboard but it's too country for me.
Credit Home Talk
I really like the after - but I'm thinking there would be issues with the hinges. I don't want to have to change or adjust or rig anything.

This might be the one - but still too fancy. I'm looking for simple, clean lines

And then I found this!!! Moulding Kits

I don't really need a kit - I can go to my local home improvement store and by the molding... but if the price is right!!!

Right after the holidays - then next project.

Credit Thrifty Artsy Girl


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