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Sunday, July 1, 2018

1980's Brass Lamp Makeover Part 2

I bought these in the 80's - loved them when they were brass. Then changed my decor' and painted them black.

That was actually my first try at spray paint over brass. They lasted a long time - about 9 years or so.  I bought new lamps this time around only because I wanted wood. I put the black lamps in the basement and they looked okay. But kinda dark. So I went out of my comfort zone...

I saw this color in Home Depot 

I sanded both lamps not a lot just enough to take the gloss off. Then washed with Dawn and warm water - allowed to dry. When painting a bright or bold color it's good to apply a dark primer. In this case the black paint worked in my favor. 

As always there are many steps involved in painting a lamp but I have always found the two key steps should never be missed. 1 is prep do it right and 2 is let it dry completely. And if you can let the piece bake in the sun. Refer to my previous blogs for details. 

All they need now is lampshades. 

And now on sale in My Etsy Shop

There was a lot of work and time - but well worth it. 


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