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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Post from Computer to Instagram

Instagram is designed to be mobile-only, but if that doesn't work for you, here is an option for uploading directly from your computer to Instagram

Many Instagrammers including me shoot photos on a dSLR camera and edit the photos on their computer before uploading to Instagram. That means having to transfer the finished photo to a phone (via Air drop or email), which is cumbersome, at best. 

Because I had to perform many steps just to post a picture I couldn't appreciate Instagram and I stopped posting.  Now I've been revamping my account and posting more. I'm not an expert but I'll get there.  

I can navigate my computer better and faster than my phone so for me this is perfect. I have thousands of pictures on my computer and I have about a dozen on my phone that are good enough to share. You can now upload images directly from a browser without the need to use the Instagram app and it’s easy for Chrome users.  

Use this link to add the Chrome Extention and you're ready to go.  

Oh yeah, when you're on Instagram follow me (chattergal2016) I only have about 2 followers!! And I promise to follow back. 



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