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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

When Family and Friends Don’t Support Your Business

Most of us have been there: starting a business and promoting the heck out of it only to realize the people you care about don’t care about your business like you do. I’m here to let you know that it’s completely fine. So what if they don’t re-post your blog, makeup look, outfit of the day, products, or services? Total strangers and those have purchased from me - those are the people I keep in contact with and have given me so much support.  
Ladies (and gents), your family and/or friends are not obligated to support your business endeavors. In a perfect world, our family would be our number one supporters and promote the hell out of our work and sing our praises, but we don’t live in a perfect world. I would and do - but not every one wants to see others succeed.  Just like you’re busy getting and keeping your life together, so are they. And just like you have your interests, so do they. My family is so uninterested they have no idea I even have an online business. As to my friends, nope not interested. Except when I post about loosing a sale or when I closed one business. They were happy. 

News flash – your target audience should never include your family and friends. Boy did I learn that lesson. It should be generic yet specific. Do I really want someone that posts daily about every ache and pain posting your stuff or do you want someone whose very post is negative and bitter to share what you have worked so hard on? NO! No you don't. 
This goes for those who rack their brains over unfollows and unsubscribes. Hell, my social media numbers fluctuate so much, and people unsubscribe from my email list when I send out newsletters, but I don’t worry about those people. Why? Because they probably weren’t planning on purchasing, sharing or engaging in any way, shape, or form anyway. Why cry over spilled milk? Focus on the people who are here to stay and strategize on reaching 10 – 10,000 more people with each post or product. Focus on convincing others that you’re what they need and they are your winning team.
Let go of the “they don’t support me, so I’m salty about it” attitude and start strategizing on receiving more engagement from the people who already support you. People are weird. You’re weird. I’m weird. It’s a numbers game. 
I'd be thrilled to see more followers clicks the links in this blog. If they don't work be sure to let me know.


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