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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My Magnolia DIY Wreath

I've looked for several months for a magnolia wreath that wasn't expensive and looked natural. I just can't pay $99.99 for a wreath. This is a wreath I want to use all year not just for Christmas.  I found a pretty full one online for 35.00 including free shipping but it was too green.
There was a big difference between the picture on my computer screen and what I received.
Here's what I received.
I decided to keep it and work with it. So I dug out my paints and decided to paint it! Why not? You can't ruin the wreath you can always wash to paint off.
And here's my wreath all painted. I do think I'll spray a matte finish - when the weather is a bit warmer - just to make it easier to wash.
I intended to hang this over an old window like this.
But these seem to be in short supply and I haven't been able to find one - once I do I'll update this post.  

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