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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

How I Clean Everything

If you suffer from migraines or are allergic to just about everything including food as I am you know that all those chemicals will just about put you into a coma. And that I'm just one wrong move away from being covered in hives -  it's all connected. Too many smells at the same time is just setting myself up for a migraine.

So... I keep cleaning simple. Starting with the bathroom - the magic eraser. I have the worst water in my city. Everything turns red and I have bad calcium buildup. You know that white stuff. I use the eraser dry for the all the fixtures. I use the magic eraser in the shower while I'm taking a shower. I use it from top to bottom. I have clear glass shower doors and every drop of water shows so in between cleanings every person using the shower must use the squeegee. It makes a difference. Takes seconds to use.
From floor to ceiling walls and all - it's the magic eraser. There's a magic mop - too.
Yes, in the toilet bowl as well - suck it up clean often and use gloves - thick gloves. There are zero chemical smells when I'm done. 

Okay - so there's one place I will use a chemical and that's on the mirrors. I use a spray foam window cleaner - yup aerosol spray. Invisible Glass Automotive Glass Cleaner.  It's the only smell I can tolerate. I clean the mirrors last and leave the fan on or open the window and shut the door.

Cleaning the red water stains off the grout is still an issue for me. I try to keep up with the magic eraser but sometimes it needs more power. For that my husband will use CLR when I'm not around.
He transfers into a spray bottle. That also gets rid of the calcium buildup you see on your faucets. And keeps away that ugly mold.

So I have learned through trial and error that you can use the magic eraser throughout the house. Including the oven and even frying pans. Takes move elbow grease but for me, it's worth it.

There are certain scents I can handle and as time goes by I've been able to de-sensitize. Then there are times people walk by me and reek of some cologne and I'll get an instant headache.

I make my own (directions here) > Air Refresher because I can handle that scent. I don't know what I'd do without Downy April Fresh.

The whole point of this is I read an article something like 30 ways to clean your house and I thought wow - that's 29 more chemicals that I can't handle.

Think of all the money saved.

Next up candles. Boy do I love candles - but some brands I get an instant headache and some give you a nasty surprise - black soot all over your house. I've been researching...

AND... One more the eraser works great on your glass oven door!!!


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