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Friday, November 24, 2017

Buying Eyeglasses Online

Have you tried buying eyeglasses online? It can be a little intimidating. But also fun and you can take your time and do it all in sweatpants. However, if you've worn glasses for a long period of time - you already know what style you like, what lens coating you need etc. There are some sites that allow you to upload a photo of yourself and do a virtual try-on. And yes, you can buy brand name frames.  But if you do make a mistake style wise - you won't break the bank. Some online store accept returns and some do not.

After you have had your eyes examined and have your prescription in hand you're ready to go. They only thing I was missing was the PD (pupil distance) on my prescription. Most sites explain how to figure out that measurement.  I recommend you ask someone to measure it for you. All you need is the ruler.
No longer am I paying literally hundreds of dollars for stylish glasses. Some sites sell as inexpensive as $6.95 and other sites that sell at premium prices. I have used 3 different sites and while I was happy with the $6.95 pair they didn't hold up to my negligence. Believe me, I am hard on glasses. They mostly end up with paint I can't remove from the lens.

This is my third year buying online and each year I have tried a different online site. My recommendation for quality, great deals, a large selection of styles and lenses and the most important - FAST shipping is the Glass Shop


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