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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Reverse Image Transfer on Wood

I found this image on the Internet and decided to play around with an old wooden tray I had.

It's a battered tray with horrible painting but I really didn't care I was interested in the technique.  I did do a little sanding just to make the surface smooth.

                                                     I reversed the image on my computer. 
 I use Picasa for file storage and simple on the fly photo editing. To reverse the image CTRL > Shift > H. Then save and print. I have a laser printer that I find works best - it dries fast and is not saturated with ink. I set to print a 5X7 photo using regular printer paper - not photo paper.

I trimmed the photo and then...
I coated the ink side with 1 coat of Mod Podge. And carefully placed in the tray ink side down. Make sure there are no bubbles. Let dry a few hours.
Here's the hardest part - using a spray bottle with water I wet the entire label. And using only my fingers I took off the label. Just keep moving your fingers and keep the label wet. You can see in this picture...
                                                         And here's the end result.

I like the technique and I'll try this again. This tray I'll keep just for storage because like I said - horrible painting. But now that I have tried this, I'm ready to have some fun.


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