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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Amazon and Walmart Rule (us)

I've been a 'reader' since childhood - I always have a book to read nearby.
So when Amazon decided to take over the world and start selling books for pennies I thought yeah! Then I thought well maybe not yeah - when all my favorite bookstores CLOSED.
Now Amazon is opening bookstores. Hmm...

While the president is on to the Amazon scam/scheme people are too busy hating bashing and not paying attention to what he is saying.

We allowed WalMart to kill all the Mom and Pop stores - cheap stuff and lots of cheap stuff is better - right? But when for example - you can't find a damn screw or a turned piece of wood (because there are no more woodworking supply places within 100 miles) you sit back and think. Hmm...

And now Amazon - if it ain't on Amazon it doesn't exist. That used to be eBay.

I am not a mall shopper - I don't like to shop at all. I do enjoy shopping online (sometimes) I don't like my packages being held hostage at the post office (another saga).

I am finding that I want what I want and I've no patience to wait for a supply to come by mail when I'm in the middle of a project. I don't want to order a toilet seat online.

I want to go to my local Mom and Pop shop - and now they are all gone.

This white toilet seat cost $5.44 at Walmart - it lasted a week. It's in the trash. I washed it and the paint came off. 
I bought an Oak Seat at Home Depot $29.88 seat a month ago the hinge broke and the paint/stain chipped and the rubber bumper split. (there's no one here weighing anywhere near 200 lbs.) WalMart had one for $13.88.
I bought this Espresso seat for $39.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond (we're sprucing up our bathroom). I'm a little afraid to put this on so, for now, we're using another $5.44 seat until the bathroom is finished.
I've spent $80.75 in the past 5 months on the toilet seats - lesson learned cheaper is not always cheaper.

I could have Amazon Primed a toilet seat - and received it in 1 day.
Toilet Seat with Touchscreen Remote Control from Amazon for only $622.99. Because you get what you pay for.

I realize WalMart fills a need - not everyone has a boatload of money or a wallet full of credit cards. I'm not sure Amazon fills a need or just fills a want. Shipping is never free on Amazon - unless you have a prime account but then that account is not free there is a big annual fee.

Meanwhile, after spending countless hours on the Internet - I am still unable to find unfinished wood pillar candle holders - so maybe they don't exist.

But they do and my customers want them. If only there was a local woodworking...


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