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Saturday, March 10, 2018

I'm Fasting - No Facebook for 30 Days

I'm logging out of Facebook for awhile - maybe I'll quite altogether. I actually deactivated my personal account.

I'm going to concentrate on my business page which I just opened and my fun page

I'm doing this for several reasons.

I work outside my home and I sell online. I need time to do what I need and want to do. I find the everyday hate we have come to accept is not acceptable for me. Everyone seems bitching or complaining in every post. Every post has a nasty political comment and I'm tired of defending my opinion.

I find the "friends" on my personal are pretty judgmental (HA! maybe I need new friends) not supportive as I hoped they would be. Apparently I'm bragging when I post my items and I'm a shitty person. I'm just trying to make a living. I love to see others shine and I get inspired by those that work hard and post about it. I don't consider it bragging - at all.

Facebook has become a chore and a time killer. So my goal is to find new friends that will inspire me and I hope I can inspire them. I actually started to dread going on my personal page and I stopped posting about what I love to do.

I sell online, which means I market my items online. After reviewing my stats on ALL my social media sites for the last YEAR  - I received just 1 sale from Facebook, shares and likes are just not there. There is no support.

I was at the point where I thought no one like my items - except me! But then my sales increased when I started posting on Instagram and Twitter - and the stats are pretty darn good. This blog shoots up - and that let me know that people do like what I post.

So - I'm going to change my habits - no personal facebook and I'm going to post what makes my soul happy.  I hope you come along and have some fun.


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