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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Vintage Board Game Box Makeover

I've had this for several years and didn't know what to do with it. I purchased it for $3.00 at a local store where they raise money for charity. The other day when I was cleaning and once again tripped over it. I decided it is time for some French Country.
I used Cottage White Chalk Paint from Home Decor. One coat and then sanded with 180 grit sandpaper for the distressed look. Since I was distressing I didn't have to be neat!

I found the graphics on Graphics Fairy on Pinterest. A lot of her graphics are free to use. And she has most set up for reverse printing.  Your design must be the mirror or reverse image.  You can do this with almost any printer or photo editing software. I use Picasa and just hit  CTRL Shift H. So just google it!!!

After you have printed your design make sure to trim off any excess paper around the design. Then with a foam brush, you will need to spread Mod Podge on the ink side and place ink side. Smooth out any bubbles. Let completely dry.

Next, take a damp cloth to the design and begin removing the label/design - don't pick it just gently rub with your fingers.

Gently sand over the design to remove any debris or if you need to distress a bit more. Now it's time to add a coat of Cream Wax and buff. I chose clear by Americana Decor but you can use a colored wax - like a light gray.

And now that empty nook in my basement power room is not so empty. I have the wire basket for extra toilet paper.

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