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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Burlap Swatch Wreath

I'm in the process of sprucing up my home not renovating just a little bit of freshening. We finished one bedroom and we're now onto the kitchen. Which started out with just replacing the handles and hinges on the cabinets. It went a little further and I'll be posting about that once it's all spruced up!

I wanted to do something different my kitchen for decor. I love burlap and the rustic look mixed with the new. I had a bunch of burlap that I used as background for taking pictures of items I'm selling online. So I decided to make this wreath using items I had on hand.

I used black and tan 6" burlap trim. I had about a yard of  French printed burlap I cut into strips. I cut and cut and cut squares measuring 6". Folded them into 4's and used hot glue to attach to the styrofoam ring. After several burns and blisters I decided to use floral pins. I think the burlap I used was just to thick for the hot glue to hold.
I had purchased the galvanized steel bells on a whim with no idea what I would use them for. They look perfect with the twin wrapped around.

It took a little time and cost very little money. I think it's pretty enough to use all year long.

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