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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Shadow Box to Jewelry Storage Box

If you follow me - you'll notice that most of my jewelry displays are vintage stands not boxes for storage. I don't like opening boxes and digging through a mess of chains to find something. There is a drawback to displaying jewelry, like sterling silver - it tarnishes. So began my hunt for a glass top wooden box that I could use to store those more expensive pieces of jewelry and pieces that tarnish.

For months I hunted and no luck. I decided to make my own. I came up with this.

This is actually a shadow box I found at Michaels for $9.99. I sanded just a little and wiped down with a tack cloth. I then taped off the glass and the hinges with painters tape inside and out. I used a foam brush to paint. I used Home Decor Chalk Paint - Rich Black. Let it dry overnight then a little more sanding to give it a rustic and vintage look.
Originally I wanted to use a decal on the glass, however again I couldn't find one. So... I dug through my folder of stencils. I placed the stencil on the outside held in place with more painters tape. In hindsight, I think next time I will put the stencil inside. For this stencil, I used Cameo Rose Chalk Paint. It looks white in the picture but it's a soft pink. I purposely was not careful painting this - I wanted a vintage used look.

The final step - my I used automotive wax to even out and smooth any edges.

I added a velvet black display tray inside I purchased at a local flea market for $3.00. And the handle I found in my junk box. I use E600 glue and I don't know where or what it was on. 

For $12.99 I have my custom jewelry box. 

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