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Sunday, July 23, 2017

1950's Lamp Makeover

Whenever I 'stumble' upon a vintage item my first instinct is to just leave it alone. I'll do a little cleaning with mild soap and water or sometimes I'll polish the item. There are times when ya' just have to bite the bullet and totally change it.  As is the case with this lamp base and lamp shade. I found both of these separately and I've had them for a long time.
From the photos, you can see that someone tried to touch up the ivy on the lampshade so that w
hen I tried to wash the white paint wiped away. I don't know what they were doing to the lamp base.

Both the shade and base are 1950's metal toleware and are not only sturdy they are still expensive to purchase - if you can find them. 
I needed to find a way to unite both pieces and try to keep a vintage feel. I decided upon oil rubbed bronze finish and a bit of copper.

Along the way!

I didn't like it! I loved it! The only thing I didn't love was the finish. It was not smooth. Because I added a clear top coat and it was HUMID! 
So... I took the lamp apart and sanded and gave it another coat.
And here is the "I Love It"  -  oil rubbed bronze paint with Spanish Copper Rub-n-Buff. 
I also painted the inside of the shade white.  


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