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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Saving $5's It's a Thing

I'm not sure when I first heard about saving 5 dollars bills but it's a thing!

I made a few changes last year in order to save money 'for the summer'. I work a 10 month job which means no income over the summer. I needed to find a way to stretch my paycheck over the summer months. One of the first changes I made with was to try and avoid using my debit card for everyday expenses and depend more on cold hard cash. It helped me to be more mindful of where my money was going. I also decided to start keeping any change I got at checkout. I chose to always round up at checkout rather than give exact change that way I could always take whatever loose change I had and hoard it away. Before I knew it I had $100! So, I’m not rolling in money from this, but $100 is $100, and it didn’t hurt at all.

Next up - saving the $5's. I heard of a fun idea where any time you came across a $5 you set it aside.

After seeing the results from saving my change I decided to give it a try. So anytime I received a $5 bill at the register I would immediately pull it out and hide it another portion of my wallet, and pretend it was no longer there. I did feel this one a bit but it didn’t take long to adjust to at all. Before I knew it I had an easy $75 just hanging out in my wallet after just a several weeks.

I also get paid every two weeks - which makes stretching a buck even harder. In 2017 my first paycheck is January 12 - that's a long time especially right after Christmas to go without any income. To fill that gap I rely on my online business sales. It's also why I began to monetize this blog. (every click counts) But that can be tricky - if you have no sales and no clicks.  

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