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Sunday, December 18, 2016

I'm Getting Organized

I love technology but in the end I'm a list girl at heart. The only problem with lists I keep loosing them.
I'm making a binder to organize myself, my home stuff, and my business and my crafts.
Purchase a 3 ring binder and dividers.
I purchased this Russell and Hazel binder at Target and it only cost me $1.99 - it was on sale and I had a coupon.

Start small and slow otherwise you'll get discouraged. Let the process evolve.

I've posted several ideas and links to purchase many items on Pinterest

I had the idea to post step by step, but then I realized what is good for my home may not be good for yours.  There are many premade forms available on Etsy many are editable, which for me worked better, as I don't have to start from scratch and I can customize easily. Saving me hours of work. You can look on google there are many free printables. Take a look at what others have done and do what you think will work for you. If you don't have a printer save the documents to a flash drive and head to a store that will allow you print from the flash drive - like Walmart.

I was particularly interested in the Bill Payment Tracker - my form of tracking bills was when then came in the mail - I paid them. Then I switch to online payments - not all companies send you an email reminder - your bill is due. I was using a simple calender as a tickler file because I didn't want any bill to fall though the cracks.

Here's a quick peek at my Master Home Organizer - lost of work left to do - but in the end it'll be worth it. No more clutter on my desk no more looking in drawers for paperwork. I've several more binders to make - for my business is next up.

The last page (so far) is home inventory spreadsheet - I am thinking maybe that will need it's own separate binder. But we'll see how this goes over the next few months.

Free Home Inventory Spreadsheet

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