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Monday, October 3, 2016

Voting Matters

Your voice your vote - isn't that what we are told? I'm a lot cynical on that statement and so are most of my family and friends.    
Our voice is not heard these days.

I will still vote today but I will be voting against and not for any candidate. 

As an unenrolled voter, I choose to vote the person and not the party. But... I can't vote unenrolled today. I must choose a party either Democrat. Republican, Green-Rainbow or United Independent (not to be confused with Independent ). Unenrolled is the Independent Party. There is no ballot for Unenrolled.

If you don't vote - you don't get to complain! Well, I for one couldn't handle that. I don't believe people complain I believe they are holding elected officials accountable that is what we responsible voters do.  Elected officials call it complaining and will ignore you - even voting against rather than for - you get to give a mighty jab.


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