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Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Reminder Snow Removal Law Massachusetts

Massachusetts Snow Removal Law in Effect

This Law Goes for City Owned Sidewalks in Front of Your Property as Well

A reminder if you’re a property owner in Massachusetts, by law you must remove or treat snow and ice on walkways and plow parking lots. You can now be held liable for injuries caused by snow and or ice on your property.
Some Massachusetts property owners are still unaware of this law that went into effect in July of 2010. The law applies to all property owners, both commercial and residential, throughout the state.

Lawrence Municipal Code
12.04.050 - Depositing snow on sidewalk, street or highway prohibited.
No person, other than one employed directly or indirectly by the city and while in the performance of necessary public duties, shall, at any time, shovel or plow, place or leave on any sidewalk, street or highway, any snow removed from private property.
12.04.060 - License to dump snow required—Penalty for violations.
The director of the department of public works may issue a license which authorizes the holder thereof to dump snow at certain designated public areas within the city. Snow removed by licensees in Lawrence may be dumped on the north side of the Merrimack River, in the vicinity of the municipal parking lot, west of the Joseph W. Casey Bridge, or at any other public area designated by the director of the department of public works.
Every license issued under this section shall be for the term of one year only, beginning November 1, and the fee for such license shall be the sum of $50.00 for a six-wheel vehicle and $75.00 for a ten-or-more-wheel vehicle, and a separate license shall be required for each vehicle which will be dumping snow in the designated area. Licenses may be revoked for cause by the director of the department of public works.
Any person or persons dumping snow at the designated location without a valid license or any person dumping snow at any public location which has not been designated as a dumping area by the director of the department of public works shall be punished as provided in section 1.16.010 of this Code.

Massachusetts General Law

Sidewalk snow and ice removal; penalties for non-compliance; standards for clearance

Section 5. A municipality shall by ordinances and by-laws provide for the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks within such portions of the municipality as they consider expedient by the owner of land abutting such sidewalks. Such ordinances and by-laws shall determine the time and manner of removal and shall affix penalties, not exceeding $200, for each such violation. Such ordinances and by-laws shall be specific as to the width of the area to be cleared and the standards for clearance.

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